57% of Students

The stressors facing students today can hinder their academic and personal growth. Currently, a staggering 57% of Baldwin County students qualify for free or reduced lunch, with some schools reaching as high as 85%. The ongoing stress of living with less than one needs reduces a child’s readiness for school and impacts their social-emotional development. Palm Project is dedicated to leveling the playing field by alleviating the stress and anxiety of basic survival, empowering students to focus on their education.

“With 49% of our students classified as poverty, the need is great.  We are honored to coordinate this effort that will provide tangible items, most of which we take for granted in our own homes, that are essential for a child’s academic success.”


Executive Director, Baldwin County Education Coalition

“Community involvement in our schools is crucial because they understand the needs of their schools the best. Our children benefit from the countless and thankless hours put in by our stakeholders who simply want to give back. Everything flows more smoothly when the community and the schools are aligned and can all work together to meet the needs of the most important thing- our students.”


Superintendent, Baldwin County Public Schools

“Partnering with the Baldwin County Education Coalition is such a great fit since it is closely aligned with our signature community engagement program, Whataburger Feeding Student Success. Whataburger’s community philanthropy is focused on helping address the needs of our local teachers and students to ensure student success. Our $15,000 grant is supporting the programs and services we know make a difference in students’ lives every day in Baldwin County. We look forward to continuing to support the Coalition’s work.”


Whataburger Field Marketing Manager


Baldwin County is one of the largest counties in the state of Alabama, and it is home to more than 220,000 residents. Baldwin County is home to 44 public schools serving 31,299 students. Of the entire student body, 49% fall below the federal poverty guidelines.


Baldwin County School District ranks among the top 20% of public school districts in Alabama for:

Overall Rank: Highest overall rank (Top 20%)

Math Proficiency: Highest math proficiency (Top 20%)

Reading/Language Arts Proficiency: Highest reading/language arts proficiency (Top 20%)

Community Size: Largest student body (number of students) (Top 1%)


44 Schools:

(1) virtual elementary, (1) virtual high school, (1) alternative school, (1) aviation program and (2) technical centers


Coming Soon:

A state of the art technical high school, (2) ninth grade academies at Fairhope High School and Daphne High School and $300 million in school construction projects to be completed by 2024